Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Theocracy And Insult to History

What you see in the pictures below are pieces left from Persepolis the capital of the Persian Empire.
As you see in the top picture everything is where it should be, but in the picture below that you see a prayer room for Namaz, which is an Islamic prayer and Muslims have to do five times a day. In order to do this ritual people have to take their shoes off. In the corner of the room you see a piece of Persepolis. Part of 2500 years of human history is placed there in order for prayers to put their feet on as a support for wearing or taking off their shoes.
Another insult from Islamic Republic to humanity, Iranians, nonbelievers, secularists and history, to show the superiority of Islam to any other ideology or religion and to set another example of what comes with theocracy.

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