Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Argument with Christians and Muslims

I argued about the religious leaders like pope or ayatollah.
Their answer was they are not the real leaders. They are fakes.

I argued about the Taliban or the people who blow up abortion clinics.
Their answer was they are not true Christians or Muslims. They don't understand Christianity or Islam.

I argued about stoning people to death and slavery in their books.
Their answer was those were from different times. it doesn't apply to us anymore.

I argued about different Surahs and Verses.
Their answer was the translation is wrong or its out of the context.

 I argued about the history of violence and the historical aspect.
Their answer was that historian didn't know or was an enemy and my religion is the religion of peace.

I argued about the scientific aspect of no need for a god.
Their answer was science is often wrong and doesn't have all the answers.

I argued about the big-bang and evolution.
Their answer was they are both theories and not proven and also a scam.

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