Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Freedom of Speech or Dark Ages Again We Have To Choose

Recently there have been some violent behaviors all around the world by angry Muslim fanatics in respond to the movie which insults the prophet Muhammad.

As much as Quran is a violent book and advocates killing of the enemies of Islam, Bible and Torah supported that type of behavior and genocide just like Quran, but we don’t see that type of behavior any longer in the social level like Islamic countries do. Even though Islam as we can see comparing to any other religion and base on the fundamentals or teachings of it is not a religion of peace, yet these type of behaviors of the recent riots and murdering innocents, asking for beheading the ones who insulted the prophet and behaving barbaric over a movie is not accepted by the majority of Muslims. The majority of Muslims are just like any other religion or society peace loving and normal just like you and me.

The issue of Islam is not just the faith issue. The majority of Muslim countries are in Middle East, and as we know that area is the oil central of the world has been very unstable due to the superpowers and their need for such big necessity. These types of political and economical issues which people in Middle East deal with create this bitterness against the west and Muslim leaders with the tool of Islam can trigger and control this anger towards their agenda whatever it may be. Only at this point Islam shows that it is more violent. Please understand as an Atheist I believe all religions are harmful, but we should instead of just pointing finger try to understand the core problems.
These riots are nothing but bullying against freedom of speech. One of the most ironic behaviors in Muslim fanaticism is the fact that they migrate to new countries and use this amazing privilege of freedom of speech to stop freedom of speech if it is not on their side.

I ask the moderates to please do not give up to this barbaric behavior. The only way to stop this type of behavior is by creating a culture skepticism and open dialog. Look at the Christianity or Judaism in the past. Imagine all the intolerant and wars over whose imaginary god were better. The freedom of speech we have now is the result of the blood of free thinkers and freedom fighters throughout the history, which slowly changes the western society to be tolerant towards criticism and disagreements. This is a behavior of people who are still living in the dark ages, and we should not take away our freedom of speech, to empower such primitive behavior. We also have to remember that we are the only voice of freedom and representatives of billions of people suppressed in other countries.

 It deeply insults and offends allot of us every time we see a Muslim woman with her mandatory Hijab, or mistreated by the men around her, could be her Father, brother, husband, stranger, religious leader or a politician, but it does not make us to burn down a mosques nor attempt to blow up any middle eastern embassy, not to even mention signs that suggests cutting off someone's head.

These type of behaviors are by choice and we have to realize who we are against, and set aside personal feelings and try to come up with the best decision which not just effects us now, but as well the future for next generations to come. Giving up to these demands is like giving up to baby crying because he or she wants to play with a knife. 


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